To use marketing as a force for good in supporting school counselors, teachers, and parents by visually and emotionally connecting all students - while in high school - with hope and clarity about their purpose, passion, and career pathways that play to their strengths.
To help young people discover their purpose and talents early in life so they are confident about making a great living and life doing what they love to do.
Starting in the fall of 2021 in and around Austin and then rapidly scaling across America, we are on a mission to welcome high school students to a whole new world of high-skill and high-income careers that they don't know about. When they find out, they will be blown away.
About the Movement

In our region and across the country, there is a huge mismatch: tens of thousands of skilled positions go unfilled while, at the same time, so many young people lack confidence in their own future, feeling lost without a clear path to a career opportunity.

The Make It Movement is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to reaching young people while in high school and introducing them to careers where higher learning equals higher earning. We have brought together a coalition of organizations who know there is more than one way to Make It in Central Texas and in America. We share a vision in which every young person, after graduating from high school or receiving a GED, pursues some kind of further education that matches his or her interests and desires.

The Make It Movement is proud to partner with the purpose-based leaders and staff at Austin Community College, Workforce Solutions Capital Area, E3 Alliance, Texas Association of Builders, United Way for Greater Austin, American Youthworks, Austin Regional Manufacturers Association, and Skillpoint Alliance.

Did you know?
Truck salaries start
around $30-35k a year
Meet the Founder
Roy Spence

The Make it Movement is led by its founder, Roy Spence, who is co-founder/chairman of GSD&M advertising and co-founder/chairman of the Purpose Institute in Austin, Texas. Roy and his partners co-created and produced culture-changing marketing initiatives like Don't Mess with Texas, campaigns for Southwest Airlines, and the United States Air Force, to name a few. Roy believes deeply that marketing can be a force for good and has proven it time and again, producing public service announcements that have successfully brought people together during times of crisis and urgent need.

"As Partners in Purpose with school counselors, teachers, and parents, we will inspire and engage students who are still in high school and young people looking for a pathway to a new beginning to connect with great opportunities in local high-skill, high-income careers. If you've got the will, we'll help provide the way."

– Roy Spence, Founder of the Make It Movement